Court Action against Stuart Schaller
who have lost in L.A USA 300 000 $
50 % Reward for the one who help us to collect the money

Stu and Patricia Schaller
1995 S. 300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah

phone: 801.463.3710



Original color: Rosso .Restored. Show room car. Castelli, Fossati, Cupellini.M. Hayashi, Japan. 2 Cars with same numbers.


Original color: White. Sold to Ferroghi. 1968 Sold to Macario, Comelli.Sold to Scarparo who had a fatal crash Italy. Restored. 2001 England.


Original color: Verde Bottiglia .1964 1000Km. Nurburgring ,24 Hours Le Mans with Masoero/Rolland. 1965 remove out of the street 2002. I've seen the original car in Italy who needs complet restoration and mecanics parts. 2002 : we've seen the original car in a garden in Italy completely rusted and we took photos of it. 2004 : Car in under mecanic restoration, but still with the untouch body.2006 Restored


Original color: Rosso/Beige. Sold to Nerini Roberto crashed in 1968 and rebuilt with a TZ 2 Body. 2001 Italy.2003 Advertise in Manovella Magazine and sold to Belgium. 2008 Sold to Germany . We have seen the car, needs paint


Original color: Rosso .2001 Car in Argentina, need restoration. We didn't see the car and the chassis number photo that we see is not correctly stamped ?


Original color: Rosso .1964 Targa Florio,1964 24 Hours Le Mans Biscaldi/Sala, Nurburgring. Sant'Ambroeus team Sala.Gallotti, Italy -Holland 2000 we see the car and the body is new and most parts have been transfert to a replica that Roelof built with with number 750087.. 2003 : Still under construction. What is a shame is that this car was used by Tony van der Velde to built a replica at Roelof.


Original color: Rosso .1964 12 Hours Sebring Bulgari/Bussinello DNF Destroyed Fire (front chassis used to repair 014 ) and repair in 1971 .1986 London Auction Sold For 314 000 $ .1993 : Japan - 1995 Sold to Belgium, sold to Spain. Replica car


Original color: Verde Giallo Facetti. Schultze, Lombardi, Colombo, Bertolero, Colombo, Guarnieri. Arcari, Milan, Italy.1997 Sold to USA. 2001 Fiberglass doors and nose. Color Yellow.


Racing car - 27/04/1964 Sold to Inglese Gaetano " PA 131573" 16/11/1964 Sold to Pampinto. "CL 18880" 1965 1000km Monza Panepinto 17 OA - 1965 Targa Florio Panepinto/Parla DNF - 1965 sold to Giugno - 1966 Termini Imeres Caccamo Giugno 10 OA 2cl. 1966 CoppÓ Nissena Giugno 10 OA 2cl - 1966 Targa Florio Giugno/Parla DNF. 1967 Monte Pellegrino Coppa Achille Varzi - Giugno 6 OA 2cl. 1967 Alcamo Monte Bonifato - Giugno 6 OA 3cl. 1967 CoppÓ CittÓ di Enna 6 OA 1cl - 1967 Monte Erice CoppÓ Stefano Fontana Giugno 3cl. 1967 CoppÓ Nissena - Giugno 2 OA. 1967 CoppÓ Monti Iblei Troffeo Kendall - Giugno 3 OA 2cl. 1967 Val d'Anapo Sortino - Giugno 3 cl. 1968 Trapani Monte Erice - Giugno 9 OA. 1968 CoppÓ CittÓ di Enna - Giugno 6 OA 1cl. 1968 CoppÓ Nissena - Giugno 5 OA 1cl. 1968 CoppÓ dei Monti Iblei - Giugno 1cl. 1968 CoppÓ Val d'Anapo Sortino - Giugno 7 Oa 1cl. 1969 Avola Avola Antica - Giugno 2cl. 1969 Belmonte Avola - Giugno 2cl. 1969 - Monte Pellegrino - Giugno 2cl. 1969 Mendola - Giugno 1cl. 1969 Troffeo Cafalu Gibilmanna - Giugno 1cl. 1969 Giro delle Valli Biellesi - Giugno 9 OA 1cl. 1969 Val d'Anapo Sortino - Giugno 1cl. 1970 Targa Florio - Giugno/Sutera 27 OA 2cl. 1970 CoppÓ Nissena - Giugno 1cl. 1970 Corsa Etna - Giugno 1cl. 1970 CoppÓ Val d'Anapo - Giugno 1cl. 1971 Trapani Monte Erice - Giugno 1 cl. 1971 CoppÓ Nissena - Giugno 1cl. 1972 Targa Florio - Giugno/Sutera DNF. 1990 Sold to Genova. FIA papers. 2001 Sold to France.2003 Sold to De Sadelear Switzerland . 2004 : Sold to Autodrome. 2004 : STPO.


Original color: Blue/Nero .Alfa Switzerland .Dual ignition head. M. Serafini 2001 England


Original color: Rosso.1964 24 Hours Le Mans Businello/Deserti 1cl .and Targa Florio.Peru race car .Dual ignition head. Vegher.M. Sperry.Early 1990 sold to P Paul Pappalardo .1998 Sold to Leonard. Restored USA 2000 , 2002 Sold to England.Car is modified


Original color: Grigo Metallizzata. Enzo Bussetti .Italy


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Alfa Romeo Vertrieb, Frankfurt, Germany


Original color: Bianco/Nero. Alfa Switzerland Twinplug.Badly crashed and front chassis come from 007 Pezold.M. Chisholm, New York, USA. Restored 2001 Germany


Original color: Rosso/Nero .French SOFAR Ex Jean Rolland "2945 QD 75" .2/6/64 FIA papers - engine 00511-00015
1964 : Coupe des alpes - 1 OA..Tour France -3 OA,1 ind - - Champion France grand tourisme - 1965 : Circuit Albi - 1 gt -- Lyon charbonnieres - dns - Rallye lorraine -2 OA ,1 ind --Rallye de Geneve -4 OA ,1 gt - Course de cote mont -ventoux, 4 gt,1 cl - - Course cote Mont-dore -1 gt - - Tour du Var -1 OA - Tour de Corse -dnf - Criterium Cevennes - 1 OA - 2 championnat France gt - 1966 : Rallye mistral -2 OA ,1 cl - Circuit Nurburgring, dnf - Ronde cevenole -1 OA
very good palmares with documentation : book Jean Rolland. par Jacques Jaubert and Autopassion n 116 - Sold to Protais Jean-Louis - Sold to Babon Jean-François 5191 HG 78 21/3/77 - Sold to Esquirol Jean-Pierre 15/12/87 15 ZE 95 - Sold to German Collector 1/6/2000.2003 Sold to England.


Original color: Blu/Nero ,raced in California by 2 Ladies Gaylard and Rosenstock .Sold to 1977 to John Rosenstock USA.


Original color: Verde Giallo/nero. South Africa. June 2000 owner M Middlewick sold the car for 75 000 £ restored ,not original engine ,no roll bar. 2001 England, for sale. 2002 : Holland.


French SOFAR Original color: Blue/Nero Sold to Petit, sold to Solignac who crashed it, sold to Damerval. 2001: we've seen the car. Belgium.


Original color: Verde Giallo/nero.Guggisberg.Tario Hofer, Switzerland.


1965. Original color: Rosso/Nero. Autodelta, De La Rive Box, Huber. Bart Rosman, Nieawland, Holland. 2001: England


2001 : We saw the car in Holland


Original color: Rosso.Racing car Factory Museum as a show open up car


Original color: Verde Giallo. Ajamian. Jerry Gamez, Castro Valley, USA.


Test car. 2001 : We saw the car in Spain


Original color: Bianco. 1964 12 Hours Sebring Sanesi/Theodoli DNF. 1965 SCCA 2 cl Championship 1966 sold to Paul .1966 SCCA Midwest National 1 OA Divisional.Championship .Accident in Mid America Race way. Rudge hub wheels. Fernandez, restored 1970 sold Morrison. Jerry Woods, Clarkston, Michigan, 1989 Mark Leonard sold to STPO USA.


Original color: Rosso. Fabritio Castellani, Rome, Italy.


Original color: Verde Giallo/nero.Sold to Italy,had a front accident .Sold to Japan.Red 2000 Monterey Auction .2000 USA Restored in USA .2002 WARNING a replica TZ using this number was built in Paris and still owned by a french customer.


Original color: Rosso .racing car, 2 CARS WITH SAME NUMBER 2000 found in Italy need work , sold to Alexandre Pilette/Mecanic Import.Pilette try to sell this car to Canada but the sale fail as the customer contact us.. 2004 : Sold to France 2002 : 2 Cars exist, one in USA with Fantasy Junction. 2004 Sold. Both not originals.


Original color: Verde .Carlo "Riccardone" Benelli .Italy


Original color: Red ."PTO 55549" Giuseppe Parmiggiani .Italy .Sold to Bardelli 1966 .Citta della Collina - Bardelli DNF accident and destroyed by fire .Remains give for free to Tabucchi Maurizio who reconstruct a new car ."ZA 408 BP" .Fevrier 2002 Auction Paris description by Christian Phlippsen of the catalogue "" during the hill climb Coppa della Collina ,Bardelli spun off and crashed .Luckily (I like these word when you see the photo ) ,with a reduced quantity of petrol on board ,the resulting fire was quickly contained ! ( must be english humour ) ,but the rear of the bodywork and the chassis tubes around the petrol tank were damaged ""2/02/2002 We believe that the car have also a new chassis as we spoke with Bardelli and this one confirm that the car was completely destroy !. Christian Philippsen don t work for Christies after this anormal incident


Original color: Bianco. Experimental car. 1964 Targa Florio. Without engine, transmission and other parts. Later dual ignition. s Forristal Zinn, Brian Classic, Voda, Cupellini.Clyde Hosokawa, Hawaii,USA.


Original color: Bianco. Fiber glass hood, 6.00x15" wheels. : Claus Scholtyssek, Dreieich, West Germany.


Original color: Bianco/Nero. Trandler. Steve Forristall,.Mexico Sold to Japan.


Original color: Verde Giallo. Tanini Alessandri .Yellow Restored.Italy.


Original color: Verde Giallo Alfa Romeo Lugano.


Original color: Verde Giallo/nero. Alfa Belgium Lucien Bianchi .Dual ignition engine. Schoumenburg,. M. Hart, Murphy Yellow Color USA.


Original color: Verde Giallo/nero .Benson, Tann.David Vegher, Torrance, California,1991 Pebble Beach auction .USA. Sterling Moss


Original color: Blue. Knock off wheels . Lawrence Jones,Said Marouf,Tom Byrns 1750 engine 1997 sold to STPO USA. Blue Color


Original color: Blue/Nero GTA head, 6.00x15 wheels. Gilpin. : Rocky Chisholm, Yorba Linda USA. Holland


Original color: Blue/Nero. Dan Waggoner, Decatur, Georgia, USA. 2001 Full restoration San Diego


Original color: Bianco/Nero Alfa Belgium. 2003 in Belgium.


Original color: Bianco/Nero .French SOFAR. 2001 Italy 2002 Sold in Germany. 2003 Sold in Italy.


Original color: Bianco/Nero. Alfa England,Guido Bartholomeo who told us that the car was destroyed in a Big accident. Italy 2001 sold to Franco Meiners without any papers for 75000 euro (my contact explain to me that the car was built by Giordannengo and we understand now why Meiners say bads things about us behind ours back as we have the courage to denonce his fake car, and to finish, we have been contacted by a fews collectors who told us that Meiners is very well known to be the king a fake cars). 2003 : We have been contacted by Mr Maier from Switzerland who claim to own the real car with all his papers and claim that the other car is a fake.


Original color : Blue/Nero. Accident in 1965. Restored. Anderson. O'Hanlon


Original color: Rosso/Nero .Von Wegner, Ibing, Schulce, Colombo, Cupellini. Luciano Donzelli, Milan, Italy.1991 Geneva Auction


Original color: Blue/Nero. French SOFAR, destroyed in 1984 at Zandword Holland during race (roll over many times). Rebuilt completely. 2001 France.


Original color: Bianco/Nero. French SOFAR .Pibarot, Rousseau, Montanari, Fabulet ,Tulli .Italy


Original color: Azzuro Iseo. Regazzoni, Fenniger,restored ,Minoru Kawamoto, Tokyo, Japan.


Original color: Bianco/Nero. French SOFAR .Delliere .M. Falco


Original color: Blue/Nero. Girolami, Colombo, Schouwenburg, Hart, .Alessandro Ripamonti, Milan, Italy 1982 Sold to USA without nose,engine,gearbox,interior,steering column .1998 Mark Leonard sold to Switzerland .Blue Color.2002 Sold to Italy


Original color: Rosso/Nero 1964 12 Hours Sebring Wuesthoff/Dietrich DNF - Elwood MacGowan, San Jose, USA.


Original color: Rosso/Nero .1964 12 Hours Sebring Kaser/Stoddard 1 cl 2 Regional Events 1966 .Hurt Racing Enterprises sold to Paul .1968 3 Races in C-Production .Tenney,1970 sold to Isett, Ball.Steve Patience, Hayward, California, USA.


Original color: Blue/Nero. Dual ignition, glass windows. Walker, Banks, Sorrell, Cabrol.O'Hanlon, England.


Original color: Blue/Nero. Ludovico Denza .Accident Italy


Original color: White . Big racing crash in 1965 (we have photo). Fernand Maria, St. Maur,1997 2002 Sold to Belgium .


Original color: Rosso/Nero Italy .Bersano .Chiarena .Ciaburri 2001 Red Color USA


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Showroom car, Autodelta dual ignition.1964 Pampana Otello 24/3/77 Sold to Paolucci Anna- Restored. Girolami. M. Arengi, Italy. F.I.A Papers.France


Original color: Bianco/Nero.. Todaro. George C. Pezold.


Original color: Rosso/Nero. French SOFAR Street Engine .1964 Sold to Buzzi who crash it badly 1 week after the purchase .Send back to Italy where the car was badly repaired .Repaint Silver and raced by Buzzi .In 1969 engine broken and exchange with twin plugs engine .Sold to Pibarot .2002 France


Original color: Rosso/Nero.Rezzaghi Motors, John W. Ebell :1970 sold Marnix Dillenius,California , Engine 1750 (original engine in a box )USA. Road & Track 2/1995. 24000 track miles 2001


Original color: Bianco/Nero. 1964 Targa Florio 1 cl .3 OA . 1 OA Italian Hill Climb Championship Facetti prepared Roof Double Bubble made for Nabokow because he was very tall, sold to Brunninghausen.for 4750 $ in 1965 .engine change in 1967 exchange with Crompton for TZ 2 and paid 250 $ in 19 october 1967..Nick and Leonie Langford, Castle-maine, Victoria, Australia. 1990 Auction Nov. Auckland. 2000


Original color: Bianco/Nero. Alma Bondini .Accident Italy 2002 Japan


Original color: Bianco/Nero. Glass windows. Maranello Motors, Oakes, Orza.1969 27 Jully. O'Hanlon, England.had a very big accident ,chassis badly damage ,New bonnet ,new roof,New front chassis rebuilt with race specification .Sold to Auction in England ,sold to Japan .2000 .We have pictures of the car .December 2000 Leonard .sold to STPO .USA


Original color: Bianco/Nero .French SOFAR . Engine Conrero., Damerval who crash it badly , Pourret. M. Oyama,Japan.


Original color: Rosso. Experimental car. 1983 Fia Cup Historic , driven by Stefano Senin. 2001 Factory Museum


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Racing car tuned by Facetti, dual ignition, Colotti transmission. Maasland. Carel Stalff .Wassenaar , Holland. 1997 Mark Leonard sold to STPO Yellow color .USA


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Alfa Romeo Belgium .Lurani. Giuseppe Lucchini,Italy. tuned by Mirabella. 1984 Fia Cup .2001 USA


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Alfa Belgium .1964. 6.00 x 15 wheels; descending windows. Sammuller, Margulies, Giddings, Ross, Carter. :M. Larogue, USA..Hezemans sold to Japan but keep the papers..1991 car Targa Florio (engine broken ).2001 Japan -


Original color: Rosso/Nero.Archambeau Team .1750 engine not original. Larrousse, , Hubert. M. Carre, France. 1992 : Paul Ricard - Mimran - Auction Geneva 1997, not originals wheels.We have more history.2001 in Argentina


Original color: Rosso .Eugene Smith raced in USA sold to Bruce Yanyoe sold Robin Rubin sold to Murphy .Air vents of the nose not original .November 1990 London Auction .2000 USA for sale not original engine


Original color: Bianco/Nero. Alfa England .Dooley.2002 in France, we believe that the car is not original


Upgrated to TZ 2 chassis 750104


Original color: Rosso/Nero.Walker/Day racing team - . Goodwood meeting Hegbourne, 3rd i. cl. Spa 500 kmHegbourne, fatal crash.Car destroyed .1999, Nurburgring auction :Don't believe everything from an auction catalog.2000 Targa Florio we see the car,and we strongly believe that it's a replica ! - 2001 Spain


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Italy


Original color : Rosso/Nero .French SOFAR.Conrero Engine Twin plugs .Plexiglass Glass and Fiberglass Bonnet GR 4 Light Weight .Sold to Van den Berg "6677 CQ 14" 1965 Coupe des Aples DNF .1967 Sold to Lanchais "293 UA 75" 1968 Sold to Barthelemy "7390 AP 94" 1979 "2210 QX 50" Sold to Amaury "1600 TZ 14" 2002. Need Restoration.The Most Untouched TZ Race Car in the World. 2002 : Car under restoration but keep the original paint and body. 2003 : Mechanics restoration finish. 2003 : Sold to England.


Original color: Rosso/Nero. French SOFAR .France


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Alfa Switzerland Twin Plugs .7.00x13 wheels. Walter Pauli, Ins,.Roll cage .1991 Paris Auction. Obrist sold to Ecclestone Restored .2001 for sale England


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Autodelta sold to Peru, sold to Venezuela, 1992 need full restoration sold to USA, sold 1994 to Italy 2001 .Modena


Upgrated to TZ 2


Original color: Rosso/Nero. French SOFAR 2003 .France


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Girolami, Fazi.Japan. 2011 A car from Holland appear for sale in Retromobile auction, in the catalogue, they say that the car was bought from Japan in 1993 which is untrue, the car was bought from Italy in 1993. We have inspected the Holland car in 2008 and the conclusion is quite clear. Now 2 cars claim the same identity but only one is real


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Alfa England .David Brumstedj , USA.


Original color: Rosso/Nero. French SOFAR .Dual ignition engine. Auction 1992 need completion .Gary Hanes, Murphy USA. 2000 : USA for sale


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Italy .Red Maria Benucci .Ascoli Piceno .Richard Stafferton,2002 Belgium.2 cars with same chassis number, the one sold by Franco Meiners have a wrong roof (see also TZ 043)


Original color: Rosso/Nero "UD 110 790 ".1965 Coupe des Alpes. Jean Rolland. DNF.25/5/1966 sold to Aldo Bardelli (we have the original invoice from Autodelta) .Dual ignition engine. 1971 sold to Armando Ciuffi , Targa Florio.1989 sold to Spinetti - August 2000, Nurburgring auction .Italy 2003 in Belgium


Original color: Rosso/Nero. French SOFAR .Granata, Italy.


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Sold new to Switzerland 1994 Still in Switzerland 2000 sold to Holland .2002 I see car and the originals papers. Same car with this number is in Italy own by a english man who attack the writer of the book as we say to the world that his car was fake,I had seen the car .2006 Jason Wright have remove the chassis number of his car and now the only TZ with chassis 087 is Pass car.


Original color: Rosso/Nero. GTA engine. Hug, Flach, Nichio Kogure, Gumma-Ken, Japan.


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Alfa Romeo Deutschland. 2000 engine. Schinko. Switzerland


Colour : Red/Black Type: Street Date: 09-04-65
"PD 212533" Dual ignition
9/4/65 Sold to Paseto
7/7/68: Sold to Gentilini
6/8/68 Sold to Liviero
21/2/79 Sold to da Prato via Giulio Dubbini
2000 Sold at auction in Monaco to Huber Georges in Zurich

2003 Sold to Ian Wade via Bonhams. Having now inspected the car and reviewed the documents relating to its history, the car was restored( new panels ) in Italy for da Prato in 1988.


Original color: Rosso/Nero.Descending windows. s Girolami, Colombo, Von Wegner. : Peter Kaus, 1990 sold to auction Paris 2 500 000 ff - 1997 auction Paris 2001 - France


Original color: Rosso/Nero. Dual ignition, 6.00x15" wheels. :Olindo Suraci. G.F. Salvetti, Italy.


Original color: Blue/Nero .Alfa Romeo Germany 1965. Glass windows, bumpers, descending windows.Willy Lentzen, Darmstadt, West Germany..


Original color: Bianco/Nero. French SOFAR .Destroyed by Fire at ST Just la Pendue (42) France Engine 164 - street car, Boel / France - 1998 Geneva auction Sold to Belgium collector who trade it with money for a 33 Stradale. Sold to Susan Dixon USA We have many reasons to believe that the car is not original.- 2000 USA. 4 August 2002 Susan ( made theses comments on a website."I despise this guy, an I've never even met him. I also have a long memory. Someday, if I get in the same room with, if you haven't finished off, I'll kick his butt too. He desperately needs it. Vitriolically yours. Susan." We email with Susan and try to inspect his car ,but his only reaction was to insult us. 2003 9 January new comments from SUSAN who complain that as we disagree with her, she is a victim (ANOTHER VICTIM OF THIS POISON). 2003 February, we have photos of this car that Susan send us finally but she didn't realise that she don t known very well the TZ as his car is missing some importants number from the chassis number, please contact us if you want more details of this special car.! If somebody want to explain to Susan that a normal TZ chassis number start by 105 11 AR, with 094 TZ , the 105 11 number is missing ! 2007 Car have been sold in auction for 380 000 $ and noboody raise the flag about all theses problems. Comments

Car sold in auction and nobody raise the question on the missing chassis number number ?
The auction company have no idea what a correct number is or don t want to have a idea.
A profile have been made in the magazine sportcarmarket by Thor Thorson but again, nobody raise the flag about the incorrect chassis number. All they can say is that my datas is controversial, SURE, it s true and it s controversial because theses people don t want to see the facts, they just want to believe that everythings is great and that everybody is nice. Thor Thorson have the honnesty to recognise that he is NOT a expert of Alfa TZ and that in the past , he have been foul by a replica and have lost a lots of money, Profile by Thor Thorson "About seven years ago a man associated with my company raised his hand at an auction and bought what was represented as chassis 003. We in turn sold it on to England where it was discovered to be an absolute fake. We bought it back and resold it as a known replica for roughly 20% of a real car's value. "

Now, when a man don t known the difference between a good car and a replica, why this same man wrote a review ? I wonder why Keith Martin ask a blind man to make a review about a film !

Now If I had say that the car is the best on the planet, they will have printed my report in the catalogue auction !. But I ve said that the car was burn by fire, not very good when you claim that your car is 100 % correct !
And to justify their imcompetence, they try to discredit me by attacking my datas. They claim that my datas is incorrect but it s the only way for them to justify the fact that they have sold a car without a correct chassis number who have been in a fire !
Bush have been is Iraq for the freedom of the Iraq citizen, nothing to do with oil ! No controvery there !
We have all the reasons to believe that many people don t want to see the evidences to be show in public. The reason is only money, nothings new.


Original color: Azzurro/Nero. Torino show, not working. Ladisa, Colombo,. M. Kosaka, Japan.


Original color: Rosso/Nero. French SOFAR -Swisterland .Holland 1993 : Japan - 2000 Leonard sold to STPO .USA


Original color: Rosso/NeroNassau . Restored. : Bob Alexander, Canada.


Original color: Rosso/Nero .French SOFAR .France


Original color: Rosso/Nero .French SOFAR. Giorgio Schoen, Milan, Italy.New alloy doors .Sold to Japan 1989 .Sold to England in 1997.2002 Sold


Original color: Rosso/Nero. 1965 SOFAR.Sold to Corsica, 1980 sold to Larive, 1987 sold to Richard Crump.1985 sold to Tim Mittler USA. 2004 sold to John Weinberger.BE CAREFULL 1990 A FAKE was built in Italy and sold to Mimran who put it in 1997 Geneva Auction .2001 Court justice again Sotheby for selling fake car. 2003 Sotheby lost the case and give back the money to the customer..2005 I inspect the car from Sotheby sale, it s 100 % fake, and I have advise the french mecanic of Mimran to remove the chassis number and sell it as a replica in a public auction.Real car is the one in USA


Bertone Canguro, wrecked. Bertone.Gary Schmidt, West Germany. rebuilt Sold to Japan


Original color: Bianco/Nero..Ernst Prisbee, 1996 Leonard sold to STPO .USA.


Original color: Grigo Metallizzata/Nero.1984 Fia Cup Historic 1 OA . Bottini.Giuseppe Lucchini, Brescia, Italy.


Original color: Rosso/Nero.TZ 2 - Replica built by a german collector


Original color: Blue/Nero .Descending windows, rear bumpers. Monzeglio. Fritz Durnberger, 1997 Leonard sold to dealer . 2001 Restored USA


Original color: Rosso/Nero UD 111 832 Autodelta -1965 12 Hours Sebring 1ST class 11/1968 Sold to Jolly Club 1968 Targa" VI 159195" 11/1968 sold to Piccolotto Pierlorenzo ., Pilkington who say that this car have a alloy front bonnet . Steve Forristall, USA sold to Japan .


Original color: Rosso. ,We known the racing history .Balzaretti and Modigliani fiberglass reinforced body.Rosati,1967 crash in Mugello. Saitti, Guarnieri. Gialio Dubbini,Italy.Sold to Chiapparrini .2002 Sold to England


Original color: Rosso. "UD 100 338".-Fiberglass-reinforced plastic body 1970 Pergusa .Semilia .DNF destroyed... 1991 .Remains suspension use to built a TZ 2 replica Giordannengo .New chassis,new body ,new interior.We have photos.2002 Advertise in USA and try to sell as a real car


Original color: Rosso TZ 1.Car was destroyed in Nurburgring race in 1965 by Jean Rolland


Original color: Rosso .Fiberglass-reinforced .photos .2001 Italy


Original color: Rosso .Road TZ 2. Autodelta, Cecchi, Schiavon. Spinetti, Italy.1998 Auction Germany


Original color: Rosso .TZ 2 Alloy with chassis number 109 and 112 was in Australia( ,we have customs papers from 1968 where you read chassis 109 ) from 1966 with Alec Mildren racing team.Warwick Farm Rac Trophy 2 OA ,Surfer Paradise DNF,Surfer Paradise 12 hours Rothmans 3 OA ,Warwick Farm Country Club GT race 3 OA ,Warwick Farm Sport Car 1 OA, sold to Roy Crompton ,,sold in November 1967 to Brunninghausen With 1930 cc engine ,1968 Warwick Farm Sport car 7 OA ,Surfer Paradise 6 OA ,Sandown Park DNF crash ,Oran Park 3OA ,Catalina Park DNF crash ,Warwick Farm DNF, Oran Park 4 OA ,chassis was badly damaged and was rebuilt in Australia ,( we have photos of the accident and many racing photos )1968 Macau Grand Prix 3 OA .sold to Denis Gribben 1969 Catalina Park DNF,Oran Park 1 OA ,1971 sold to Les Miller ,1973 sold to Robertson,1973 sold to Hopkins,to Whting,to Fullard to Said Marouf in late "80 ( Australian papers from 1989 show chassis 109 ) "who had the car restored, they remove a chassis plate who was wald on the chassis ,1999 sold by dealer .


Original color: Rosso/Nero .TZ2.A replica built by Thomasso and own by a Florence Italy collector (da Prato) who claims this chassis number .We have also photos of replica built today in 2002 a replica TZ spyder.


Pininfarina Giulia Sport. Show car : M. Matsuda, Japan.


Original color: Rosso. .TZ2. : Alfa Romeo Museum , Italy.


Original color: Rosso/Nero TZ 2.Bardelli Racing Car Fernand Maria, France sold to USA. Bob Ruben 1985 STPO


TZ 2 .we have the original invoice of Autodelta 23/11/1967 sold to Bardelli but for differents reasons ,we don t believe that the car see in the Nurburgring auction is the original Bardelli car .We have plenty of originals photos. Peter Kaus, August 2000, Nurburgring auction Bad condition. No papers, No proofs of any History. Catalogue auction is not a GUARANTEE of real history. Fake Bid. Not sold. 2004 Sold to Grist ENGLAND. We will go to inspect the car .