Fuji Grand Champion Series



Fuji Grand Champion Series was a driver championship in Japan. It was originally for 2 litre group B6 cars. From 1979 were single seater Can-Am sportscars permitted to start. In 1987 engine size limit was changed to 3.0 litres. In 1988 the series was renamed to Grand Champion Series because some new non-Fuji races were added into championship. All Japan status was added in 1989 but it was the last season because of reduction of spectators.

In seventies in series started cars like March 74S, Alpine A441 Renault, Chevron, Lola or GRD. Later with Can-Am era Mooncraft made cowling for single seaters. So chassis of MCS were all different. MCS chassis are various makes. Early models used mainly 2 litre sport car and gradually to F2 chassis. Late models were exclusively made for GC.