A two years longing championship for GT cars. Grand Touring cars grew up during second half of 50-ies and that forced FIA to make a separate championship for GT cars in 1960. This championship consisted of many of World Sportscar Championship rounds and also included some minor events which weren't well supported and were usually counted to lower divisions classification. There were as many as six different classification according to engine size so among champions we could find Ferrari 250 GT as well as Fiat-Abarth 700 or 500.

FIA GT Cup started in 1960 and after 1961 season became the International Manufacturers Championship which made it in fact a successor of the World Sportscars Championship. As an unofficial World Championship this FIA effort with Grand Touring cars continued until mid sixties when in 1966 International Championship for Makes was reverted back to sportscars and prototypes although official World title didn't got earlier than in 1972. Results of 1962-65 GT races are included in the World Championship section.

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